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  • Capsules and Machine Subscription

    Capsules and Machine Subscription


    It's been a busy few weeks at the Laika roastery. Not only have we been roasting and releasing more coffees than ever before, but we've also been brainstorming new ideas, and trying to innovate new ways to empower our customers to make the best possible coffee at home, in the most environmentally sustainable way. With this in mind, we are so proud to announced that we have opened pre-orders to our new capsule and machine subscription model.

    Here's how the system works: you pay your one-off instalment, then we deliver 4 boxes of 10 Laika Capsules to your door, every month for 12 months. On your first instalment, we also deliver a Nespresso Original compatible machine, for free, for you to keep forever. It's that simple: pay once, get a machine, and coffee for a year.


    Since their invention in 1983, the problem with coffee capsules has been threefold: firstly, the quality has been generally below average, partially due to the low quality of coffees used. Secondly, as mainstream capsules are often non-recyclable or compostable, there has been no responsible way of disposing spent capsules. And lastly, the culture of coffee capsules has always been focused on convenience over provenance, so much so that all origin information and narrative has been overlooked, so consumers have no way of knowing exactly where the coffees included in our pods have come from (other than the occasional country of origin being displayed), or the conditions under which these coffees were produced.

    So we set out to find a way to produce a capsule which was not only delicious, but also environmentally responsible, while still maintaining the convenience of a traditional coffee pod. The new Laika Capsules are made using the same coffees we use for our house coffees (Laika No1, No2, and No3), which are sourced based on quality and character above all else. We've also found a packaging partner who can pack our coffees in capsules which are 100% compostable in industrial facilities - this includes council supplied compost bins, or your spent capsules can be returned to the Laika roastery to be included in our compost collection bin. Also, every box comes with a complete origin narrative and producer details listed on the side, so you know exactly who grew the coffee that has made it half way around the world to end up in your capsule.

    Our goal for the future is to release more and more coffees in our Capsule range. These will include new and exciting coffees such as our Curiosity range, and much more. We are so excited to be able to bring our values of coffee to the world of capsules, and to embark on the next step on our journey to fulfil our vision:

    "To share the best coffees we can find, with as many people as possible."

    Love, Laika.

  • Dear Coffee People

    Dear Coffee People

    Dear coffee people,

    We know that times are a little strange right now. Not knowing how something like this is going to impact our day to day lives is hard enough, but not knowing when things will get back to normal makes things even tougher. We know that things are going to get harder before they get better, and we need to make sure that we’re looking out for each other as a community. So, with this in mind, we’ve decided to make a few changes at Laika to try to adapt to these uncertain times.

    For our wholesale partners, to help cope with the uncertainty we’re seeing already, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders for 4 weeks, starting immediately. This goes for all orders big and small, even if you only use our coffee for a few bags of decaf every other week, this offer still applies. We know this is only small, but we hope it helps. This will continue until April 10th, when pricing will return to normal.

    For our home coffee drinkers, for you we have already implemented free shipping on all online orders. If you find yourself stuck working from home, we encourage you to support your local cafe if you feel healthy and safe. If not, and you can’t leave the house for any reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t have great coffee, and getting it delivered for free hopefully makes things a little easier.

    We’ve also introduced a whole range of new subscriptions on our new website, which makes ordering coffee even easier than ever. All our subscriptions also include free shipping, and are charged on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, with the option to cancel anytime.

    We have suspended our Crew Member coffees for the time being, for the health and safety of our staff and our customers. All Crew Members have been offered a special discount on our new subscription model, which is packed in our existing 100% recyclable packaging.

    We have a range of new products being released in the coming weeks to help those who can’t leave the house for any reason, including capsules and bottled cold brew. Watch this space as new ways of getting your daily dose of coffee hit our online store.

    We truly believe that this is a time for calm, not panic. With positivity, empathy, and a little common sense, we can weather this uncertainty together. We know these changes won’t solve everyone’s problems, but we really hope they can help, even just a little.

    More love than ever. Laika.


    Image by Amy Hood.

  • Finding Coffee

    Finding Coffee

    At Laika, we have two distinct approaches when it comes to finding new coffees. With our micro-lot coffees, which we roast to be best enjoyed when served black, we taste dozens of samples throughout the year. We embrace the natural variation of the coffee production cycle, and taste as many coffees as possible to find those which we can best represent. The most interesting part of this process is that we’re being constantly surprised. Sometimes it’s something unexpected, like a new and innovative method of producing coffee. Other times, it’s tasting a coffee from a producer whose coffee we have had before, only to find that it’s even better than the previous season. On the other hand, when it comes to our house coffees, we have a very different approach.

    Our most popular coffees are our house coffees: No1, No2, and No3. No1 has plenty of presence through milk, but is also a nuanced coffee when served black. No2 has the most body of every coffee we roast, and is designed to be sweet and rich when served with milk. No3 is our house black coffee, one which is bright and complex. Above all, these are the coffees which most people associate with our style of coffee roasting and buying when they think of Laika. With our house coffees, we not only want to roast coffees which represent their origins and narratives, but who’s profiles consistent all year round. So, with our “singles only” approach at Laika, how do we achieve this?

    For our house coffees, our approach to sourcing is different to that of our micro lots. For No1, No2, and No3, we look for lots which meet the profiles of each coffee as closely as possible. As opposed to our micro lots, where we taste as many lots as we can, and choose our favourites, with our house coffees, we send out briefs to our suppliers to find coffees of specific profiles. Then, by working with capable, trustworthy sourcing partners, we can secure lots from individual farmers, mills, and cooperatives, which not only meet our needs, but also represent our focus for “singles only”. Sometimes these coffees come from large farms, which can produce many tonnes of coffee each season, and other times these are small producers who can only grow up 300kgs of a quality we need. This is why you may notice that the lots we choose for our house coffees can sometimes change within weeks or months. With out approach to house coffees, we are able to represent both large and small producers as best we can, while also maintaining a consistent profile throughout the year.

    In both approaches to sourcing, the goal is the same: to find the best coffees we can, and represent them well as we know how. For our micro-lots, we can embrace the variant characteristics in each coffee, and share what makes them interesting and distinctive. For No1, No2, and No3, sourcing is about finding a balance between securing the best coffees available, and creating consistency for those who drink them.

    Love Laika.


    PS: This photo was taken by the Condor team, who act as our sourcing partner in Colombia. See here is coffee being taken by mule from Juan Pablo Ovieda's farm in Tolima the local mill for processing. Jaun's coffee was one which we had first selected for use as a house coffee. After tasting this lot again, the flavour and character was so surprising that we decided to reserve this to be roasted and represented in our micro-lot range.

  • Origin: Brazil

    Origin: Brazil

    On Wednesday November 20, we’ll be hosting microbiologist and coffee producer, Luis Saldanha. Luis' presentation will focus on coffee production and fermentation, as well as leading us through a tasting of new coffees from Brazil. Click here to RSVP.

    One of the best things about buying coffees seasonally is that there is always something new on the horizon. The calendar is full of new samples, harvests, and arrivals, which means we're always busy searching for new and exciting options here at Laika. With December just around the corner, and as we head toward the end of the year, we turn out focus to one of our main coffee buying origins: Brazil.

    Coffee in Brazil is generally finished being picked and processed by the end of October, and on its way to us in a big boat by November. As we usually purchase coffees by "pre-shipment sample" (more on this another time), we have made most of our larger purchasing decisions by the end of September, which gives us just enough time to get ready for our coffees to arrive. After tasting more samples than ever before, this season you can expect some of the best coffees we have ever had from Brazil.

    At Laika, the closer we work with our sourcing partners, the more we realise that an origin like Brazil has immense potential for producers have to truly take control of the flavour of their own coffee. With such a large volume of coffee being produced and exported (Brazil is responsible for 25% of coffee production worldwide), the ability for farmers to experiment with processing and fermentation is unparalleled. This potential for farmers to be empowered has never been more important. As the global price of coffee drops to dangerously low levels, the key to a sustainable market for coffee producers is to develop new ways for growers to take control of quality at origin, so that they can in turn receive higher prices, and be paid fairly for the value they bring to the supply chain.

    We can’t wait to see what the future holds for coffee in Brazil. We are tasting some of the best coffees we’ve ever had, and we’re so excited to be able to share them with you.

    Love Laika.