• Brand New Coffees

    Brand New Coffees

    We know it's been a while since we've released some new coffees at the Laika roastery. We've been searching high and low for the very best coffees we can find, and believe us when we say, we've definitely found them! This week we've released 8 new coffees, each one unique, but all equally interesting and delicious...

    From Colombia, we have an amazing coffee from a pair of farmers named Carolina and Nicola. These two are siblings, and after inheriting their land from their parents, they now grow Tabi variety trees and have really dialled in their processing techniques. This coffee is a great example of "natural" coffee done well, just as much as our other Colombian coffee from Angela and Carlos is an amazing washed coffee. Here, Angela runs the farm with their husband Carlos, where they grow Maragogype trees, which are famous for their vibrant acidity and large bean size. Then, in the same region of Colombia, Albeiro Munoz has provided us with another rare variety named Catuai. This is a variety you'll commonly see grown in Brazil, but thanks to a chance encounter with a Brazilian coffee farmer some years ago, Albeiro was able to experiment with this variety in Colombia, and the results have been amazing. Catuai is also one parent of another widely grown variety named Catucai, which is what Dulciniea Borges grows on their farm Sitio Pinheirinho in Brazil. Dulciniea was born blind, but, with the help of their partner Jorge, manages the estate which has been in the family since 1971. Then, just down the road from Sitio Pinheirinho is Sitio Monte Alto, where Daisy Maria has produced their very first micro-lot. This "natural" Yellow Bourbon lot is full of character and flavour, and is an amazing first micro-lot from an up an coming producer. We can't wait to see this coffee in the roastery for years to come, just as we have seen those from Alessandro Hervaz. Alessandro is famous throughout the area for experimental processing, and this coffee is a perfect example of this dedication to quality. Alessandro knows there's always more to learn, just like Anibal Baca in Honduras, who has given us a crisp washed Pacas lot. Anibal worked, among other things, as a labourer on coffee farms for many years before starting their own estate "Finca La Fortaleza". While Pacas was first discovered in El Salvador, it is widely grown throughout Honduras, and Wilmer Martinez is also another amazing example of this variety grown well. Here, Pacas is grown along with IHCAFE 90, which gives their estate enough genetic diversity to be disease resistant and resilient.

    As you can probably tell, all these coffees are fine examples of special coffees. We're excited, not only because the lots we're seeing are among the tastiest ever, but their also a rare opportunity to taste the full diversity of flavour in truly great coffee.

    We can't wait to share them with you!

    Love Laika xx

  • Better Coffee at Home

    Better Coffee at Home

    Sometimes making coffee at home can be a real challenge. Between finding the exact grind size, and knowing exactly how and why to use filtered water, there is a lot to get wrong when it comes to a simple cup of coffee. On top of this, expensive equipment, and an overwhelming amount of information online can make it intimidating to get started. But here at Laika, we're planning to change all that. Coffee can be easy, and we're going to show you how.

    There are a few simple hints to keep in mind whenever you brew coffee, no matter what or how you're brewing. Instead of posting specific brew guides or videos, we thought we'd first start with some universal steps which can elevate your coffee from what you're doing now, and which will apply to any and all brew methods. These may not make you the next World Barista Champion (yes, we can't really believe it's a thing either), but they will take your coffee to the next level, and hopefully, make everything just a little easier.

    1. Keep it clean: This one sounds obvious, but there are some things we forget when we think of our coffee gear. It's a good idea to give everything a quick rinse with water before and after brewing - even your capsule machines need a flush before and after each shot (this is easily done by pressing either the short extraction button with no capsule inside). Don't forget to give your kettle a regular clean as well, and this will make your coffee taste instantly better.

    2. Weigh everything: We're assuming that everyone has a set of digital scales at home, and if you don't, then go and treat yourself to some!* They don't have to be fancy or expensive, and they don't have to be specific coffee scales. When you're making coffee, try and make a habit of weighing all your ingredients, so you can keep your coffee consistently delicious every time. This goes for espresso, plunger, percolator, and even instant! You might find that scales which read to 1g won't recognise when you add instant powder to your mug, but try weighing your water each time and you'll be amazed at how much more consistent your daily coffee is.

    3. Store it in the freezer: Yes, it turns out our grandmothers were right: freezing is the best way to store coffee. All coffee can be stored in the freezer as long as it's in an airtight container, but this especially goes for pre-ground coffees. This will help your coffee stay fresher and more delicious for longer. When you need it, remove your coffee from the freezer, take out what you need, then return anything else as quickly as possible. The fewer times you can take your coffee from frozen to room temperature, the better it will keep.

    These 3 easy steps will get you on your way to making coffee better than ever. They're not expensive or difficult, they just take a little extra effort, but we promise you that, once you give them a go, you'll never turn back.

    Love Laika.


    *this will not only improve your coffee, but all your cooking. Baking in particular is an exact science, and once you start using scales, your days of un-risen spongecakes will be over!

  • Capsules and Machine Subscription

    Capsules and Machine Subscription


    It's been a busy few weeks at the Laika roastery. Not only have we been roasting and releasing more coffees than ever before, but we've also been brainstorming new ideas, and trying to innovate new ways to empower our customers to make the best possible coffee at home, in the most environmentally sustainable way. With this in mind, we are so proud to announced that we have opened pre-orders to our new capsule and machine subscription model.

    Here's how the system works: you pay your one-off instalment, then we deliver 4 boxes of 10 Laika Capsules to your door, every month for 12 months. On your first instalment, we also deliver a Nespresso Original compatible machine, for free, for you to keep forever. It's that simple: pay once, get a machine, and coffee for a year.


    Since their invention in 1983, the problem with coffee capsules has been threefold: firstly, the quality has been generally below average, partially due to the low quality of coffees used. Secondly, as mainstream capsules are often non-recyclable or compostable, there has been no responsible way of disposing spent capsules. And lastly, the culture of coffee capsules has always been focused on convenience over provenance, so much so that all origin information and narrative has been overlooked, so consumers have no way of knowing exactly where the coffees included in our pods have come from (other than the occasional country of origin being displayed), or the conditions under which these coffees were produced.

    So we set out to find a way to produce a capsule which was not only delicious, but also environmentally responsible, while still maintaining the convenience of a traditional coffee pod. The new Laika Capsules are made using the same coffees we use for our house coffees (Laika No1, No2, and No3), which are sourced based on quality and character above all else. We've also found a packaging partner who can pack our coffees in capsules which are 100% compostable in industrial facilities - this includes council supplied compost bins, or your spent capsules can be returned to the Laika roastery to be included in our compost collection bin. Also, every box comes with a complete origin narrative and producer details listed on the side, so you know exactly who grew the coffee that has made it half way around the world to end up in your capsule.

    Our goal for the future is to release more and more coffees in our Capsule range. These will include new and exciting coffees such as our Curiosity range, and much more. We are so excited to be able to bring our values of coffee to the world of capsules, and to embark on the next step on our journey to fulfil our vision:

    "To share the best coffees we can find, with as many people as possible."

    Love, Laika.

  • Dear Coffee People

    Dear Coffee People

    Dear coffee people,

    We know that times are a little strange right now. Not knowing how something like this is going to impact our day to day lives is hard enough, but not knowing when things will get back to normal makes things even tougher. We know that things are going to get harder before they get better, and we need to make sure that we’re looking out for each other as a community. So, with this in mind, we’ve decided to make a few changes at Laika to try to adapt to these uncertain times.

    For our wholesale partners, to help cope with the uncertainty we’re seeing already, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders for 4 weeks, starting immediately. This goes for all orders big and small, even if you only use our coffee for a few bags of decaf every other week, this offer still applies. We know this is only small, but we hope it helps. This will continue until April 10th, when pricing will return to normal.

    For our home coffee drinkers, for you we have already implemented free shipping on all online orders. If you find yourself stuck working from home, we encourage you to support your local cafe if you feel healthy and safe. If not, and you can’t leave the house for any reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t have great coffee, and getting it delivered for free hopefully makes things a little easier.

    We’ve also introduced a whole range of new subscriptions on our new website, which makes ordering coffee even easier than ever. All our subscriptions also include free shipping, and are charged on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, with the option to cancel anytime.

    We have suspended our Crew Member coffees for the time being, for the health and safety of our staff and our customers. All Crew Members have been offered a special discount on our new subscription model, which is packed in our existing 100% recyclable packaging.

    We have a range of new products being released in the coming weeks to help those who can’t leave the house for any reason, including capsules and bottled cold brew. Watch this space as new ways of getting your daily dose of coffee hit our online store.

    We truly believe that this is a time for calm, not panic. With positivity, empathy, and a little common sense, we can weather this uncertainty together. We know these changes won’t solve everyone’s problems, but we really hope they can help, even just a little.

    More love than ever. Laika.


    Image by Amy Hood.