• Capsules and Machine Subscription

    Capsules and Machine Subscription


    It's been a busy few weeks at the Laika roastery. Not only have we been roasting and releasing more coffees than ever before, but we've also been brainstorming new ideas, and trying to innovate new ways to empower our customers to make the best possible coffee at home, in the most environmentally sustainable way. With this in mind, we are so proud to announced that we have opened pre-orders to our new capsule and machine subscription model.

    Here's how the system works: you pay your one-off instalment, then we deliver 4 boxes of 10 Laika Capsules to your door, every month for 12 months. On your first instalment, we also deliver a Nespresso Original compatible machine, for free, for you to keep forever. It's that simple: pay once, get a machine, and coffee for a year.


    Since their invention in 1983, the problem with coffee capsules has been threefold: firstly, the quality has been generally below average, partially due to the low quality of coffees used. Secondly, as mainstream capsules are often non-recyclable or compostable, there has been no responsible way of disposing spent capsules. And lastly, the culture of coffee capsules has always been focused on convenience over provenance, so much so that all origin information and narrative has been overlooked, so consumers have no way of knowing exactly where the coffees included in our pods have come from (other than the occasional country of origin being displayed), or the conditions under which these coffees were produced.

    So we set out to find a way to produce a capsule which was not only delicious, but also environmentally responsible, while still maintaining the convenience of a traditional coffee pod. The new Laika Capsules are made using the same coffees we use for our house coffees (Laika No1, No2, and No3), which are sourced based on quality and character above all else. We've also found a packaging partner who can pack our coffees in capsules which are 100% compostable in industrial facilities - this includes council supplied compost bins, or your spent capsules can be returned to the Laika roastery to be included in our compost collection bin. Also, every box comes with a complete origin narrative and producer details listed on the side, so you know exactly who grew the coffee that has made it half way around the world to end up in your capsule.

    Our goal for the future is to release more and more coffees in our Capsule range. These will include new and exciting coffees such as our Curiosity range, and much more. We are so excited to be able to bring our values of coffee to the world of capsules, and to embark on the next step on our journey to fulfil our vision:

    "To share the best coffees we can find, with as many people as possible."

    Love, Laika.