• Crew Member

    Crew Member

    It's no secret that, here at Laika, we kind of love coffee. Everything from the flavour, the ritual, and the culture, this is what we live and breath every day at the Laika roastery. But, as with all things, coffee is not perfect. Coffee can sometimes be complicated, intimidating, and wasteful. It was with these limitations in mind that we created our unique subscription service: the Crew Member program.

    The idea is simple: to create a subscription based service which is approachable and unintimidating, while still providing a variety of origins and flavours for subscribers, and at the same time producing as minimal waste as possible. From this, we started up the Crew Member program - here's how it works: 

    1. A new member signs up to the program, and chooses to collect fresh coffee each week, fortnight, or month.
    2. On their first collection, we provide a reusable glass jar to store their coffee in, filled with 200g of our favourite coffee from the week.
    3. On each collection, the Crew Member returns their reusable jar for us to clean, and picks up a full jar to take home.

    And that's it! Crew Members are charged by direct debit at the frequency which they've signed up for (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) and can suspend or cancel their membership whenever they choose through their own account at laikaroasters.com.au. Each week we select from our catalog whichever coffee we think is tasting the best, ensuring the coffee for Crew Members is almost always different and exciting. Best of all there is no waste! No unnecessary packaging or posting, and the jars are reusable (and fully recyclable if they're ever broken). 

    Our goal was to provide a cost effective subscription service with minimal waste and no complications. We're excited about the Crew Member program, and have had amazing feedback from those who have already signed up. By being responsible for our own waste, and providing a varied and high quality option for those looking for a hassle-free subscription service, the Crew Member program is a crucial step toward our vision to "share the best coffees we can find with as many people as possible".

    We can't wait to see how far Crew Members can go!

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