• The Cup of Excellence

    The Cup of Excellence

    In 1999, a group of well known coffee professionals met in a small lab, deep in Brazil, to taste coffee together. The goal was simple: to find the very best coffees available, sell them to roasters around the world on behalf of the farmers, and ultimately, find a way to better reward producers for high quality coffees. It was here, under the guidance of Susie Spindler and George Howell, that the programme now known as "The Cup of Excellence" was born.

    In simple terms, the Cup of Excellence programme works by transparent auction. First, farmers submit their coffees to be roasted, cupped, and assessed by a national jury in their country of production (CoE now operates in 11 countries, with a new pilot country happening this year!). From here, coffees judged to be 86 points out of 100 are selected for further assessment by an international jury of calibrated coffee professionals. Next, coffees that are awarded scores of 87 or above are announced as "Cup of Excellence Winners", with samples of these coffees then being sent to CoE partners around the world. Throughout this whole process, a top 10 coffee (often out of thousands of samples) will be cupped over 120 times by national and international juries, making the Cup of Excellence the most robust coffee competition in the world! CoE partners then have the opportunity to taste these coffees, then bid in an online auction system. CoE coffees are famous for breaking records in prices paid, and the programme is renowned for having the highest returns to coffee producers.*

    At Laika, we are beyond excited to become Cup of Excellence partners, and to host CoE cuppings throughout the year at our roastery in Lathlain. First up is El Salvador, happening on the 5th of June, with 5 more origins happening later in the year. In our mission to share the best coffees we can find, with as many people as possible, we truly believe that the Cup of Excellence is a crucial next step in our journey, as we find more responsible ways to purchase coffees, and more exciting ways to bring them to our customers.

    We can't wait to see you at our Cup of Excellence El Salvador cupping!

    Love Laika.



    *The Cup of Excellence is a competition run by The Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), a not for profit body operating out of Portland, USA. ACE takes a small flat rate for coffees sold via auction, instead of a percentage. This ensures transparency and maximum returns to farmers.


  • Singles Only

    Singles Only

    If you’ve ever spent a few moments perusing the shelves of coffee on offer at Laika, then you may have noticed that we like to do things a little differently. For instance, you might notice that every coffee we offer is a “single” coffee from one specific coffee mill, producing region, farm or farmer. You’ll see on each bag that these coffees are named after their origins, such as “La Marianela” which refers to the farm where this coffee was grown, or “Jarbas Lopes” which is named after the farmer who grew this coffee themselves. So, now you may have realised how we approach our coffee offering... we don't offer any blends at Laika! No “House Blend” or “Laika Blend”, but instead, we provide our customers with a carefully selected range of delicious, fresh, seasonal singles.

    When we began roasting at Laika, we started with a simple focus in mind: to make coffee tasty, easy, and meaningful for our customers. We believe that coffee blends are not always necessary, and in some cases, not even useful. By having a “singles only” approach to our coffee offering, we are able to share the individual stories of the coffees we roast with our customers in a way that we never could if we were to embrace coffee blends.

    In place of a traditional roasting catalogue which might include a “House Blend” and small range of available single origins, instead we have two ranges of singles: black and white. Our black coffees are small “micro-lots” which rotate seasonally, and are best enjoyed without milk, either as espresso, filter, or anything in-between. Our white range is comprised of larger lots which we can feature on our catalogue for 3 to 4 months at a time to keep things consistent for our cafe partners, and are roasted to a degree where they’ll still have presence and intensity when served with milk. With this 'single-minded' approach we are able to share the unique stories of each and every lot we roast, so we can offer a meaningful range of carefully selected coffees for our customers.

    To get an even better idea of how we do coffee here at Laika, take a look through our catalog right HERE.

  • New Coffees Arrive!

    New Coffees Arrive!

    It's always exciting for us here at Laika when new coffees arrive. Sometimes it's a particularly delicious coffee, sometimes it's a coffee with a great story, but no matter what, there's always a certain buzz throughout the roastery as new green rolls through the door. As coffee is a seasonal product, no one lot can last all year round, which means we're always on the lookout for the next, freshest, most delicious coffees to bring to Perth!

    As the year rolls on, and the coffee seasons change, some of our old favourites come to an end, and we welcome brand new lots. This time, we have some big changes. Our trusty house coffee "La Plata" has come to an end, but we've replaced it with (is it even possible?!) an even better lot. La Marianela is a farm from the Cauca department in Colombia. This part of the world is famous for great, balanced coffee, and with forward thinking agronomist Hernan Dorronsoro in charge, this coffee is one you won't want to miss. On top of that, new Costa Rican's have arrived, as well as fresh Brazils, our natural (dry processed) Ethiopians have finally landed, as well as some of the most interesting Africans of the year!

    This is a great time of year to be drinking coffee, when the seasons overlap and we are able to offer a full, delicious range of amazing coffees. See our full catalogue right HERE.

    To celebrate our new releases, we're offering 10% off new orders for our newsletter subscribers! If you're not already a member, sign up at the bottom of this page. If you are, you'll receive a discount code over email a little later today. This is just our way of saying "THANKS!" for all of your support. We couldn't do what we do without you!

  • Welcome!


    Hi folks, and welcome to the first instalment of the Laika blog! Here, we'll keep you up to date with all things Laika, from new coffees being released, to new partners serving Laika, as well as upcoming special events. So grab your coffee and buckle up, because big things are happening at Laika Mission Control!

    To kick things off, we're announcing the launch of our new, permanent roastery open hours! Over the past few weeks, we’ve been opening the Laika bench to the public on Sunday mornings to brew, roast, taste, and talk all things coffee. For us, this started as a way to better connect with those who love our coffee, like what we do, and want to know more. As a result of the overwhelming response we’ve received, we’ve decided to make our weekend open days a regular staple, which means we’ll be open every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, from 8am to 12 noon! At the Laika bench, we’ll have special pre-release coffees, available before they reach the website or our cafe partners around town. We’ve also got our hands on a couple of amazing Puer and Cocoa teas, which we’ll be serving alongside our coffees to represent the amazing work of our local partners Whistleblower Tea Co. and Sue Lewis Chocolates. We’ll have plenty of coffee to take home, and very soon, even some amazing merchandise and brew gear. We are so excited to be bringing you the very best of what we have to offer, and being able to share it with all of you, face to face!

    We can’t wait to see you all at Laika!