Abdulkareem Salih - 250g

Abdulkareem Salih - 250g


This lot was purchased through online auction, a model which helps to empower producers and increase transparency. Coffee available by online auction are often some of the rarest and best in the world.


Juniper - Cardamom - Cherry Cola

This coffee was grown by Abdulkareem Salih, in Dhamar, Bani Ofair, Yemen. Purchased via auction, in partnership with Cup of Excellence, this “Super Smallhold” lot represents Abdulkareem’s entire yearly crop of only 40kg. Hand picked and dried for 17.5 days, this lot is made up of Udaini variety trees.

  • Udaini
  • Natural
  • <2100 MASL
  • Damar
  • Bani Ofair
  • Yemen

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